Kruseling dolls bed
Making a Bed for a Small Doll (Kruselings)

Here’s how I went about making a bed for our Kruseling dolls, using lollipop sticks and a glue gun. Once I had worked out how to make it, it took me about an hour to cut and glue the pieces together. Initially there was more thinking than doing but after I had drawn the template the assembly was quite straightforward.

It’s not true 1/6th scale but it’s size was dependent on these 3 factors;

  • Long enough for a 9 inch Kruseling doll
  • Fit within the doll’s house room and still look realistic
  • Shallow enough to fit inside a 12 inch carry case.

Once I had decided on the size of bed I started the preparation;

  • Glue gun
  • Glue sticks
  • Measuring tools
  • Paper
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Clippers
  • Weights
  • 11.5 cm long lollipop sticks (I used 41 sticks but allowed more for error)

Mark out the paper template

This is a rectangle measuring 11½ cm by 24½ cm (I used my quilter’s ruler to get the angles correct and I drew the rectangle).

Using a lollipop stick, draw around them to mark out their placements within the rectangle.

Cutting the lollipop sticks

There are 6 cuts in total using 4 lollipop sticks. Measure at the 8cm mark and cut 4 sticks to the 8cm length. Using 2 of the remaining 3.5cm pieces, measure 1cm from the cut end and cut to shorten the stick to 2.5cm. You will have 4 bed corner posts and 2 centre-bracing bed frame posts.

Assemble the Bed Frame

The template was used to line up the lollipop sticks and I used my sewing weights to stop the sticks from moving while I glued them together.

Start with the long sides and place a lollipop stick at each corner. Use another stick to overlap at the centre.

Using the weights to keep in place on the template, add the 2 ends to form a rectangle. Turn over and add 3 more vertical sticks (left, centre and right) for rigidity.

Using the paper template a a guide, continue adding vertical lollipop sticks to form the slats along the base. Also add 4 sticks horizontally at the sides.

Assemble the Bed Posts

Using the template, set the 8 cm long sticks at the correct distance apart and with weights in place, glue the horizontal sticks across.

The spacing is up to you, but the lowest stick needs to be situated so that the base is set at the correct height. Draw a line at 2.5 cm from the floor-edge.

Attach the Bed Frame to the Bed Posts

Place the bed post flat on the table and glue the bed frame to it above the 2½ cm line, ensuring it sits at right angles. Add more glue to the underside edge of the bed so that it’s not seen. Do the same for the 2nd bed post. Check that it all sits level.

Attach the Bracing Bar

With the bed turned upside down, glue one 2½ cm stick vertically to both sides at the midway point. Use a 3rd stick to form a bracing bar to help hold them in place.

At this stage I could see the bed was in its final stages and Sophia #Kruseling got to try it out.


There were glue strands that needed picking off and I tried as best I could to lightly sand any parts that required smoothing down. Then it was ready for painting! It got two coats of Liquitex Gesso and I left it with the matt finish.

After I had made the mattress, pillow and duvet I secretly wished I were that size, small enough to snuggle down in the bed next to Sophia.

With the prices of 1/6th scale beds these days, I was absolutely delighted to have been able to make my own. My 11½ cm lollipop sticks cost £1 for 100 and I used 3 or 4 glue sticks.

Three beds have been made so far, two are for Xmas presents (that fit in a little carry case with a Kruseling doll) and I get to keep one. I hope you feel inspired to have a go!

Party outfit by Little Miss Dressy
make a garden seat for your doll
Make a Garden Seat for your Doll 1.6 scale

How to make a garden seat for your doll using lollipop sticks and a glue gun. This took me an afternoon to make and I only needed to make a cut on 4 lollipop sticks (4 halves for the seat’s front legs and 4 halves for the seats). The rest were used singly by placing and gluing together. A total of 56 lollipop sticks were used. There wasn’t much measuring involved and I did a lot of this by eye, but I did take photos for each step in case anyone else would care to make their own.

I started by finding a picture of a garden seat that I wanted, purely to give me an idea of the structure. I soon realised that if I wanted to copy the seat in the photo exactly that I’d need to make several cuts, so I changed the design as I went along. I decided to make 2 wide chairs and join them together (somehow). I made both the chairs at the same time instead of one chair and then the next. So for each step that is listed below, I did twice before doing the next step.

Chair Back

For each chair there are 2 rear uprights that are the length of 2 lollipop sticks. The 2 sticks are joined together by overlapping with a 3rd stick. So each upright uses 3 sticks. Be sure to measure the overlapping stick at the halfway mark as this is important to make the chair sit evenly.

The uprights have 2 horizontal supporting bars.

They also have 3 more sticks for the headrest.

Chair Seat

Each chair uses 5 lollipop sticks with 1 cut in half. The image below is showing 2 in half to be ready for making both chairs.

1. Glue the 2 halves to one stick, at right angles on each end.

2. Glue another stick to the other ends (making a rectangle).

3. Glue 3 more sticks in the centre as horizontal slats.

Make a garden seat for your doll

Fix Chair Seat to Chair Back

This is where it can get a bit tricky so best not to rush it. When I placed the chair seat onto the chair back I realised that it needed a horizontal bracing bar to help keep it in place. (I had measured the doll’s legs beforehand and knew that I wanted the seat to be 6 cm above the floor).

4. Mark 6cm up from the bottom of the chair back and glue a stick horizontally across from back leg to back leg.

5. Glue the chair seat at right angles, onto the bracing bar.

Make a garden seat for your doll
Make a garden seat for your doll

Front Legs

This part uses 2 lollipop sticks with 1 full length and 1 cut into 2 halves. It’s basically a long C-shape.

6. Glue the 2 halves to the full length stick, at right angles to both ends of the stick.

Fix Front Legs to Chair

This is also a bit fiddly. I rested the chair piece upside down onto the edge of my work table.

7. Put some hot glue onto the chair legs, place the C-piece firmly onto the chair seat (front), holding in place until glue sets.

At this stage I could see the garden seat taking on a bit of shape so simply had to try it out on Joy #Kruseling.

Joy #Kruseling sitting on a chair made from lollipop sticks

I also had to figure out the best way to join both seats together. I decided that setting them at right angles would be best. This is where the glue went where I didn’t want it to and I ended up with a bog blob, which I left there until the very end before I removed it (it helped keep it in place…..).


The idea for this only came to me after I had made the seats. It was the challenge of fixing the 2 seats together that made me think of how to make the canopy, as it needed to help stabilize the whole structure. I used 11 lollipop sticks for the canopy, starting with a T-bar and then fanning out the other sticks so they would span both chairs. I placed the lollipop sticks on the table in a rough shape, holding the chair piece upside down over it, to be sure the size was right. This was also how I placed the canopy when gluing it to the seat.

Make a garden seat for your doll

The steps are shown in the 5 photos below.

Centre Back

The final part was to match the centre piece to the side pieces. For this part 5 lollipop sticks were glued to the back rests as shown in the 2 photos below.

Make a garden seat for your doll


All that was left was to snip the big dollop of glue off of the chair legs and no matter how tidy I was trying to be with my gluing there were glue strands in places that needed picking off too. It was ready for painting!

Joy #Kruseling sitting on a garden seat made from lollipop sticks

Here it is after one coat of garden fence paint and with Joy sitting comfortably in the sunshine.

Joy #Kruseling sitting on a garden seat made from lollipop sticks, a small doll's garden seat

I think it would make an ideal gift for any small doll lover. As well as Kruselings, this size also fits a seated Barbie. If you have a go and make a garden seat for your doll then do please send me a photo – I’d love to see it!