Fashion Blogger Sindy Doll
Fashion Blogger Sindy – 2021 Play Range

Fashion Blogger Sindy is one of the new Sindy dolls that arrived on sale in Argos this week. These are the children’s dolls developed by Kid Kreations, under license from Pedigree. Sindy collectors worldwide have been excited and the initial supply of the Sindy Play Range in certain areas of the UK sold out quickly.

There are six dolls within the Sindy play range and this this post is about Fashion Blogger Sindy, who retails at £20. I myself purchased all six as they became available. I gave two to my granddaughters, of which one was Fashion Blogger, and then I repurchased her all for myself because she is my immediate favourite.

If you want to see Fashion Blogger in more detail I recommend watching Frankie Sinclair’s (ShimmyShim) video. At 11 minutes long it shows how this doll compares to 2020 Collector’s and vintage Sindys.

I think the price point of £20 for this doll represents exceptional value and makes an ideal Christmas or birthday present for a child (or adult collector!).  Here are some more photos showing the box, craft cut outs, doll, clothes and the accessories.

It’s great that the box can be used as part of the play with the craft cut outs adding to the enjoyment.

These are her clothes and accessories:-

Fashion Blogger Sindy makes a perfect model for bright colours and here she is wearing her Little Miss Dressy clothes.

More About Sindy Play:-

The official website is Sindy Play . There are downloads available for different backgrounds, props and colouring sheets. You can sign up to their newsletter for all the latest Sindy Play news and updates. There are YouTube videos showcasing each individual doll. You can follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

I’m not a doll collector in the true sense but I do love dolls of a certain type. I like them to be easily stored, poseable and realistic, in the sense they are able to be handled, dressed, undressed, pose-able and small enough to come on holiday with me without taking up most of my carry bag. The new Sindy Play Range certainly fits the category of a small, articulated doll that is reasonably priced, representing good value. Well done Kid Kreations for bringing back Sindy!

Sindy play range 04
Sindy Play Range, new for 2021

Today is the day that a new Sindy doll range has been launched. Kid Kreations, under license from Pedigree, have introduced a new 2021 Sindy Play range for children. Sindy collectors worldwide are excited and can’t wait to acquire them.

To begin with the dolls will only be available within the UK but the company is looking into making them available overseas. Already Sindy Collectors are offering to buddy an overseas collector to help them acquire the new play range, by buying and posting overseas to them. Such is the true spirit of Sindy doll enthusiasts. Little Miss Dressy will also do this for existing customers.

There are six dolls within the Sindy play range, each with an individual theme and a distinct look. The price varies from £20 to £35.

Riding Club Sindy £35

Ballerina £25

Pet Parlour £25

Fashion Blogger £20

Salon Stylist £20

Sweet Treats £20

They are to be available exclusively within Sainsbury’s stores and Argos online. Some people have already expressed concerns that a few will snap them up and sell-on at extortionate prices, but the company have said that they’ll each have their own listing and supply will be plentiful.

Their official website is Sindy Play

They have links to their YouTube videos, which showcases each individual doll.

On their website there are downloads available for different backgrounds, props and colouring sheets. You can sign up to their newsletter for all the latest Sindy Play news and updates, or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

There is very limited specific information available at the moment but Little Miss Dressy is definitely keen to see them in person, handle them and determine how robust they are compared to the 2020 Collector’s range.