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Little Miss Dressy was born from the love of making little girls’ dresses and morphed into making dresses and separates for Kruseling and Sindy dolls.

When my first granddaughter was 4, we were already regularly crafting together, and she told me that when she grew up, she wanted to make dresses. She’s helped with ideas for making dolls dresses and knows very well where dresses come from and how they are made. My second granddaughter at age 4 gave me my first blog post idea; she wanted to know how the flip-flop soles were made.

Above all, creating the outfits for Little Miss Dressy is fun. There is deciding the style, the colour, the fabric, the trimmings, and being small it doesn’t take up much space to work. However, it can be problematic; the 1:6 scale clothes are fiddly, require patience, different tools, and tiny fixings. But the most favourite part is our teamwork effort for the photo shoot, when we exchange ideas for backgrounds and props, to then dress the dolls in different outfits, and then of course we get to play!

Our blog shows how some of the outfits are made, plus there are ideas for making your own accessories. We're on Instagram and Facebook too and are great fans of 'scene setting' and dioramas. Why not join in the fun? Just search Instagram for #Kruselings or #SindyDollCollector to connect with other doll enthusiasts worldwide.

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