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Have you been looking for clothes for your 9” Kruseling? Or are you thinking about buying a Kruseling for a special little person but want more outfits than those that are available?

Little Miss Dressy handcrafts and lovingly creates great quality clothes for these adorable fantasy dolls, designed by Sonja Hartmann. We think that these brave, 10-year-old adventurers need well made, washable clothes to help expand your little one’s imaginative play with them.

Little Miss Dressy chose to make clothes for Kruselings because we liked their story. It’s one of friendship, togetherness and teamwork, fighting nightmares and spreading sweet dreams. We love how they want to make the Dreamland and the world a better place.

On this site you will find unique, quality designs to match the changing seasons and you will get to see how they were made. Some of our items also fit 8" (Paola Reina) MiniAmigas and 11½" Barbies or Sindy's but it will clearly state which doll in the shop's listing. It's free UK postage if you spend £25 or more. Stocks of some styles will be limited, so be sure to visit again throughout the year to see what’s new.


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